Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Energy Project RFP Alert - US TN - Metro Govt Of Nashville And Davidson County Bid - Hvac Repair

Alert Type: Bid Description: Repairs to include the replacement of the compressor and any other repairs necessary to bring the unit up to spec. Repair existing HVAC Unit including, but not limited to: Recover refrigerant as per EPA Specifications, Replacement of one Compressor, Warranty replaced Compressor for one year, Provide all necessary lifting and/or rigging equipment and labor, Installation of suction line drier shell with ball valves to enable replacement of drier cores, Perform a nitrogen leak test on unit and repair any refrigerant leaks, Installation of liquid line and suction line acide type drier cores, Re-insulation of a neutrailizer for any residual acid left in system, Evacuation and re-charging of the system with new R-22 refrigerant, Start-up and check system, After chiller runs a minimum of 30 minutes, return and replace all acide cores with more acid cores. Continue this process until refrigeration system is properly cleaned. Replacement of driers on Circuit #2 after the chiller has run for two weeks. For more details please visit: http://bit.ly/14DHGkp

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