Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Energy Project RFP Alert - ON - Etobicoke York District Bid - Cathodic Protection Of Existing Ductile Iron Watermain Pipes

Alert Type: Bid Description: Scheduling of the work, supply and delivery of public notices, obtaining utility locates, performing "over the line potential" surveys and reporting on same, locating and exposing existing infrastructure, excavation for each anode/test station installation, disposal of excavated material, delivery, supply/installation of anodes & test stations as specified, welding, supply/placement of specified backfill material, compaction, temporary/permanent restorations as specified, traffic control, final clean up, obtaining/providing the Global Position System coordinates for each test station and reporting on same. As built/as installed anode and test station location sheets are to be completed daily by the contractor and submitted to the Contract Administrator or designate on the prescribed form on a weekly basis. The effectiveness of the anode installations is to be measured through pre- anode and post anode installation "over the line potential" surveys which also form part of the work and are to be carried out by a N.A.C.E. International accredited Corrosion Specialist, or Corrosion Technologist/Technician as stated here and in Section 4B Special Specification (Cathodic Protection Installation and Survey). Soil conditions (i.e. high water table) may vary throughout the contract. The Contractor shall price all items in this contract to reflect construction in all types of soil conditions, and meet the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. For more details please visit: http://bit.ly/11aOYZB

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