Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Energy Project RFP Alert - US OR - Energy Trust Of Oregon RFP - 2013 High-Efficiency Water Heater Buy Down Promotions

Alert Type: RFP Description: Energy Trust is interested in offering upstream incentives on qualifying high-efficiency (HE) residential water heaters to capture the electric (kilowatt hour) and natural gas (therms) savings that these products provide. Energy Trust is requesting proposals from wholesale suppliers that market and sell HE water heaters to owners and managers for use in qualifying multifamily properties. Submitted proposals will describe the respondent's proposed promotional strategies to incent this target market to purchase a qualifying HE water heater. Respondents may be located outside of Energy Trust service territory purchases made from catalogs, general sales calls, and online could be eligible if the qualifying HE water heater unit was installed at a qualifying multifamily property. For more details please visit: http://bit.ly/158gvzv

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